Pete Driessen Visual Artist | Brainerd, MN Public Art

Every once in a while magic gets piled on magic.  I like to refer to Northern Pacific Center as Disney World - the happiest place on earth.  There are elements when you are here that can always make your mind and heart the site has a soul of it's own.And then sometimes someone else not only sees the magic, but spends their own time listening, learning, observing and creating and the result is nothing short of real magic.  When Preston, Ethan and I attended Pete's opening of Trestle Support Systems we were blown away.  Walking through Blacksmith Main for the Trestle Display pretty much constantly cued "this is so awesome!" from Preston and I twenty thousand times.  We spend quite a bit of time in this building and it was transformed with Pete's art.  After viewing the Trestle we continued to the Boiler Shop to view the Railroad Workers and we continued to be in love - overall an incredible experience!After arriving back home Ethan quickly went to his blocks and created both a trestle and railroad workers and proceeded to ask with a very timid voice if he created art like Pete and if it was as good as Pete's to be seen by other people.  It was quite a moment and one that I hope Ethan continues throughout his lifetime.My only regret is that I didn't get a picture of Pete with his art - maybe next time it is displayed will bring that oppurtunity.  ;)Side note - don't judge our stained, painted and worn is a real side effect of our love for this place.  :)